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Positive Reviews Across The Board

  • David Sleep Avatar

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pronunciation Mastery part of the course and find myself looking forward to the next step in my learning of the Chinese language.

    David S. 10 Sep 2021
    Gary Hepner Avatar

    What I like about Mandarin Blueprint is that the teachers are native English speakers which you may think would be a detriment but in reality makes Chinese easier to learn... read more

    Gary H. 03 Sep 2021
    Gavia Arctica Avatar

    Thank you! You guys are incredible! It was in no way urgent for me to know this, but still: getting an answer to any question within 15 minutes on a... read more

    Gavia A. 29 Aug 2021
  • Liam Llamazares Avatar

    What stands out to me about this course is how you’ve masterfully put together and explained the best techniques of language learning. Firstly, your course shows what has to be... read more

    Liam L. 29 Aug 2021
    Greg Clare Avatar

    I really love the way things are explained in this course. Not just the "what" but also the "why". Not only do we learn Chinese but in this course, you... read more

    Greg C. 29 Aug 2021
    Seong-Seng Tan Avatar

    These white dudes are great for teaching Mandarin to Chinese people (like myself) who have learned English as their first language.

    Seong-Seng T. 27 Aug 2021
  • Richard Ashbrooke Avatar

    Having tried soooo many different apps and courses, the ONLY course that has worked is this, Mandarin Blueprint. If you TRULY want to lean Chinese, do so, via the Mandarin... read more

    Richard A. 22 Aug 2021
    Dean Depenbrock Avatar

    I'm just wrapping up the pronunciation mastery course and I was blown away. I am not coming to this course as a beginner. I've spent many, many hours on self-study... read more

    Dean D. 20 Aug 2021
    Ray Jenne Avatar

    This is a great way to learn. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning Mandarin.

    Ray J. 18 Aug 2021
  • Brian Tom O'Connor Avatar

    Super helpful, and very well structured. It's like having your best friends teaching you Mandarin, and steering you clear of all the mistakes they've made so you don't have to.

    Brian T. 17 Aug 2021
    George Johnstone Avatar

    This is the third or fourth time that I have started to learn Mandarin within the last few years. I was never really confident enough of my progress to move... read more

    George J. 17 Aug 2021
    Brian O'Connor Avatar

    Thank you, Luke and Phil! This entire Pronunciation Mastery course has been superb. As native English speakers who have mastered Mandarin, you really understand the specific difficulties that we encounter.... read more

    Brian O. 13 Aug 2021
  • Brian O'Connor Avatar

    So far, I've completed the Pronunciation Mastery course, and all I can say is, OMG, this is so helpful! Not only did I discover mistakes I didn't know I was... read more

    Brian O. 06 Aug 2021
    talbeezy1 Avatar

    I just finished the pronunciation course. It's great -- the lessons are short but thorough. I love that the Anki cards provide links to the related lessons.I'm stoked to get... read more

    talbeezy1 02 Aug 2021
    Christian Lockwood Avatar

    I've tried a few different classic ways of learning Mandarin, but could never get into the habit of making the study part of my routine. This was mostly because I... read more

    Christian L. 31 Jul 2021
  • Ranath Themiya Avatar

    Mandarin Blueprint is very effective and fun. I like it so much. I am a student. I learn Chinese at my best from here. If you want to learn please... read more

    Ranath T. 31 Jul 2021
    Victoria E. Avatar

    I already knew quite a bit about Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, but I still learned a lot, especially about how the language is really used in everyday life. Thank you!

    Victoria E. 30 Jul 2021
    Dean Depenbrock Avatar

    I'm just wrapping up the pronunciation mastery course and I was blown away. I am not coming to this course as a beginner. I've spent many, many hours on self-study... read more

    Dean D. 30 Jul 2021
  • Dean Depenbrock Avatar

    I've done university courses and put in 100s, if not 1000s of hours of self-study prior to trying MB and MB, by far, has been the most helpful. I recommend... read more

    Dean D. 29 Jul 2021
    helen leong Avatar

    The Hanzi Movie Method works! I've been trying to learn Mandarin from 2 years ago and have difficulty remembering all the characters I have learned and I will have to... read more

    helen l. 23 Jul 2021
    Linn B. Avatar

    I need to say thank you, Luke and Phil, for all the hours and hours, spent making such an amazing course. I would be quite embarrassed to have to admit... read more

    Linn B. 01 Jul 2021
  • Rebecca W. Avatar

    Well, I'm done and it's kind of hard to believe. MB's been such a big part of my daily routine for nearly two years. I'm going to miss it. I... read more

    Rebecca W. 01 Jul 2021
    Dawn Crouch Avatar

    I wish I had found this course on day 1 of my Chinese language journey. But I'm so glad to have jumped in and 'restarted' with the basics so... read more

    Dawn C. 30 Jun 2021
    Lindsey Anderson Avatar

    This has been the best form of language self-study that I've found! It is based on solid learning science and motivates me to practice each day.

    Lindsey A. 30 Jun 2021
  • Seth Zuiho Segall Avatar

    Just finished the pronounciation mastery unit. Excellent in every possible way! I can't imagine a better way to learn how to speak Mandarin.

    Seth Z. 28 Jun 2021
    Seth Zuihō Segall Avatar

    This is one terrific way to learn! I just completed the Pronounciation Mastery course, and enjoyed every minute of it. The material is well-presented, and Luke is an inspiring... read more

    Seth Z. 28 Jun 2021
    Will O. Avatar

    Going through just the Pronunciation Mastery course so far I can only imagine how much time and effort the team put into their work in making this beautifully crafted product... read more

    Will O. 22 Jun 2021
  • Louise Bywater Avatar

    hands down the best language learning tool I've ever used! Clear, easy to understand, engaging and very well put together, just finished the mandarin pronunciation course and about to dive... read more

    Louise B. 22 Jun 2021
    Erik Lawson Avatar

    Love Mandarin Blueprint! Great investment for anyone wanting to learn Mandarin. Luke and Phil did a great job on these lessons. They take the intimidation out of learning Chinese by... read more

    Erik L. 18 Jun 2021
    George Johnstone Avatar

    This is the third or fourth time that I have started to learn Mandarin within the last few years. I was never really confident enough of my progress to move... read more

    George J. 17 Jun 2021

How to Achieve Mandarin Proficiency FAST Without Burning Out or Giving Up

There are 6 unique phases within The Mandarin Blueprint Method. Each phase focuses on a key element of Mandarin and builds seamlessly upon one another in a linear, unified learning experience all the way to literacy and fluency.



Before learning any language, you will make much faster progress if you first learn how to produce, identify and read every syllable. Our video course Pronunciation Mastery teaches you everything you need to know, and it comes free with any subscription of The Mandarin Blueprint Method. It can also be purchased individually.
Character Building

Character Building

Using our patent-pending mnemonic visualization system "The Hanzi Movie Method", you'll learn how to read, write and pronounce any Chinese character in a matter of seconds.
Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Building

As you speed-learn characters, you will “unlock” new words with increasing frequency. We guide you on how to acquire these new words easily by creating mnemonics based on their intuitive word structure, and drawing on your life experience.
Sentence Building

Sentence Building

After you've built up a foundation of Chinese words, we will show you carefully crafted sentences that almost exclusively contain characters and words you have already learned. By following this step-by-step process, you will be reading and understanding Chinese in a matter of hours.
Paragraph Building

Paragraph Building

Now things really start to get fun! On top of sentences, you'll start unlocking entire paragraphs filled with conversations and opinions, all of which you'll be able to read and understand without help! This deeper, more engaging context makes learning grammar an enjoyable and natural process, instead of a mind-numbing slog through a series of textbooks.
Story Building

Story Building

In this final phase, we'll start introducing longer-form content created by our native Chinese writers. Once again, these are expertly designed using words and characters you have already learned. By reading and listening to all of this content daily, you'll find your Mandarin skills increasing faster than you ever thought possible!

Made By Learners, For Learners

Phil Crimmins
Luke Neale

We both learned Mandarin – “one of the most difficult languages in the world” – as a second language. As adults. Reaching advanced fluency took us years of study and many thousands of dollars. Over the years we discovered the best tools, and invent our own techniques to make Mandarin easy and fun. Now we’ve put all that knowledge into a 100% unique, patent-pending system to learn Chinese. A blueprint for English speakers who want to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Making Mandarin Fun

Our Case Study Collection

Now, I’m learning characters, pronunciation, and tones much faster, with better recall, and more fun.

Jonathan Pritchard

If you want to learn Chinese in a systematic and enjoyable way, Mandarin Blueprint is the way to go.

Paul Forbes

Phil and Luke’s expertise, continued support, and practical resources make Mandarin Blueprint invaluable!

Raquel Ramirez
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